AH! The day my whole middle school dreads. The middle school overnight. Just imagine the worst camp you can. Imagine that a million times worse.

Cabin Description: Wooden planks for beds, rats in cabins, torn screen windows, wasp nests in the cabins (WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO SLEEP) and concelors that shove all the campers’ food waste into a coffee cup with their bare hands. No joke, and I’m far from exaggerating.

To make things worse, there’s a dresscode. That means all close toed shoes (think about going to the moldy shower house with sneakers). You can’t wear soccer, running, or basketball shorts, unless they are within 2 inches above the knee. Shirts must be 1 inch from the collar bone or less. Your shoulders must be covered. These are the girls rules, and im sure I’m missing some.

Well wish me luck! And thank the world I’m not allergic to bees! 🙂

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Ugh. So tired. Anyone understand why people get tired on weekends? I thought that’s when you’re supposed to be perfectly rested. Apparently not. I guess I should just be happy that I have monday off! Well happy Labor Day everyone! (Happy Early Labor Day)

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School Starting and Computer Failure :(

OK… not good! Well, let’s start out with school starting. That means waking ip before 1pm, and having to do your hair and get dressed first thing in the morning. No one likes getting up early. Not fun.

Also my computer is having issues with the format of my writing. Apparently it likes putting giant spaces between every line of my poetry, or no space at all. This is EXTREMELY annoying, and it ruins the form of my poems, which has a huge overall affect on the whole poem. So if anyone has any suggestions on what to do about this problem, please PLEASE share!

Last, but not least, Homework. That is always a not so fun part about school. It definitely is not something that makes me happy. The teachers who don’t give homework make me happy 🙂 Those kinds of teachers are quite rare in Middle School!

Well, that’s about it. Again, if you have any tips about the computer failure issues I am having please do share! Thanks!

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Hey! I’m new to blogging, so if you have any tips please share! I’m way into writing, especially poetry, and I hope to be getting some of mine up on my blog! Please check it out and leave a comment!


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